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Created 15-Oct-12
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One of my favorite cities, and two great ways to enjoy it include strolling through Millennium Park and cruising around the architectural delights along the Chicago River. Even with a compact camera.
Millennium Park, the Bean 12233fMillennium Park, the Bean 12238fMillennium Park, the Bean 12236fMillennium Park 12249fChicago from Millennium Park 12247fMillennium Park 12214fMillennium Park Fountain 12210fMillennium Park digital 12242fChicago Public Library 12250fChicago 12280fChicago 12292fChicago 12293fChicago 12320fChicago 12336fChicago 12342fChicago 12352fChicago 12367fChicago 12382fChicago Geometry12379fChicago Mondrian 12348f

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