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Created 6-Nov-16
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From the ever-changing murals behind Intermedia Arts to Planet Soccer and neighborhood parking lots, there's plenty of street art to inspire in the Lyn-Lake area of south Minneapolis
Alley, Intermedia Arts 380151XPzIntermedia Arts 362930XPzIntermedia Arts 362945zIntermedia Arts 362950zIntermedia Arts 362954 BWXPzIntermedia Arts 362959XPzIntermedia Arts Dumpster 362943XPzAlley Abstract, Intermedia Arts 380161XPzAlley Abstract, Intermedia Arts 380163XPzIntermedia Arts Dumpster 362937XPzIntermedia Arts Dumpster 362938zIntermedia Arts Dumpster 362939XPzSolar Nova, Intermedia Arts 380166XBPzIntermedia Arts Dumpster 362940XP1zIntermedia Arts-- Alley 335277zIntermedia Arts-- Alley 335280XPzIntermedia Arts-- Alley 335281zIntermedia Arts-- Alley 335286XPzLegalize GraffitiPlanet Soccer - 362902z

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