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Created 14-Mar-17
72 photos

Part of my larger effort to explore the urban "landscape", this collection takes urban artifacts and settings and reconsiders what is real and what reflects our personal "inner cities."
Fire in IceSheet Music 362893XPCzChaos TheoryDaliscape 362940XP2zFragmentary 362930XPzIronwoods 402389XPICzCoastal VariationCul de sac 383178XPzLilac Alley S4479XPzOutlaw Arts S1952XP2zRust-o-leum 369073AXPzCrater Lake 402396XPzDay's End 402390XIPzSedimentary 402390XPzArchipelago 408661XPCzIronic Cove 402391XPC2zNightfire 408627XPICzHeidelberg Redtale of three cities 2zhands down 2 XPz

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