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Created 15-Jan-16
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The old Pillsbury A Mill along the Mississippi on SE Main Street (Minneapolis) was renovated into a community of artist lofts. Now it's an intriguing meld of the original stone and brick and industrial gear and very 21st century interior touches.
A-Mill 30069RA-Mill 300661RA-Mill 300668RA-Mill 300679RA-Mill 300669RA-Mill 300682RA-Mill 300683RA-Mill 300685RA-Mill 300686RA-Mill 300687RA-Mill 300695RA-Mill 300699RA-Mill 300700RA-Mill 300705RA-Mill 300712RA-Mill 300719RA-Mill Dance studio 300716RDetail, Adam Turman mural 300681RSelf portrait, A-Mill 300713R

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