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Created 10-Aug-14
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A few days in and around the Lost Coast of Northern California, including the Victorian town of Ferndale.
Ferndale, 143972zFerndale 144288zFerndale, 143927zFerndale 144032zFerndale, 144033zFerndale, 144058zFerndale, 144038zFerndale, Palace Saloon 144025zFerndale, 143923zFerndale, 143883zFerndale 144293zGingerbread Mansion, Ferndale 144029zFerndale, 143884zFerndale 144246zFerndale 144260zFerndale cat 144278CzFerndale, 144041zFerndale, 144043zFerndale, 144044zFerndale, 144046BWz

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