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Created 5-Nov-16
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South Minneapolis neighborhood around Chicago and Lake Street. The Midtown Greenway cuts through along 29th Street. Sitting above the Greenway at 29th are the twin bookstores, Uncle Edgar's (Mystery) and Uncle Hugo's (Sci Fi), a logical landmark for murals above the overgrown hillside and on the alley behind.
2864 Lake Street 367960zAlley Abstract 367964zAlley at 29th and Greenway 367962zMidtown faces 367959zMidtown Greenway at 29th 367965XPzMidtown Greenway at 29th 367969XPzMidtown Greenway at 29th 367970zMidtown Greenway at 29th 367977XPzMidtown Greenway at 29th 367982zWife and Daughters (2864 Lake St) 367958z

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