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Created 5-Nov-16
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The neighborhood around Bloomington and Lake Street is a lively multi-ethnic community, and wall art is a growing attraction
Bloomington-Lake Alley 361978XPzBloomington-Lake Alley 361982XPzBloomington-Lake Alley 361985zBloomington-Lake Alley 361989zBloomington-Lake Alley 361995XPCzCorner, Plaza Verde alley 361998zPhillips Neighborhood Gateway Mural (Juntos Crecemos) 361967zPhillips Neighborhood Gateway Mural (Juntos Crecemos), signature panel 361970zPhillips Neighborhood Gateway Mural 361996zPlaza Verde Alley 361962zPlaza Verde Alley 361964zPlaza Verde Alley 361966XPz

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