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Created 15-Aug-16
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In the area north of the Midtown Greenway (south Minneapolis Whittier neighborhood) are a number of old buildings with new murals and remnants of old wall art. both along the Greenway trail itself and above in the neighborhood.
29th Street 322571zAlley Window 322563zBlaisdell, twotone 322614z XBrick Side 322566zBrick Side 322567zDe-Tale 322560zErickson Interiors 322636zGreenway mural 322579zGreenway mural 322586zGreenway mural 322587zGreenway mural 322589zMidtown Greenway 322590zMidtown Greenway 322596z BWMidtown Greenway 322606zMidtown Greenway 322608z BWMidtown Greenway, Blaisdell 322578zMuralley 322561 BWzMuralley De-Tale 322562zOff Blaisdell 322622C BWzOff Blaisdell 322625z BW

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