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Created 15-Jan-16
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The many warehouses and storefronts in Detroit's Eastern Market provide the canvass for tagging as well as commissioned murals, and the site of a festival of new murals in fall 2015.
Eastern Market , Sun Plot S6916zEastern Market, Red Chair S6951zEastern Market, Heaven's Gate  S6918 XPzEastern Market D2-251609zEastern Market Alley 2D-151605 BWzEastern Market D2-251607zEastern Market S1270zEastern Market S1326zEastern Market S1264zEastern Market S1284zEastern Market S1274zEastern Market S1333zEastern Market S1327zEastern Market S1324zEastern Market S1319zEastern Market S1318zEastern Market S1313zEastern Market S1311zEastern Market S1310zEastern Market S1306z

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