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Created 29-Jan-15
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Leigh Kamman (1922-2014) was not only a Twin Cities jazz legend but a nationally and internationally recognized jazz guru whose thousands of interviews and radio broadcasts brought "The Jazz Image" to the world. He "retired" in 2007 but continued to support jazz while he worked to assemble an archive of his interviews. His legacy was honored by hundreds of fans and musicians in a non-stop evening of jazz at the Saint Paul Hotel, raising funds to continue work on his archives.
Kevin Barnes 190838zKamman Family tribute 190808zDavis Wilson 190246zTommy O'Donnell Trio 190260zPhil Hey (Tommy O'Donnell) 190269zEric Gravatt and Dean Magraw (and Leigh) 190388zDean Magraw 190461zEric Gravatt 190477zPatty Peterson 190310zButch Thompson 190997zChris Lomheim 190743zDave Singley 190695zAdi Yeshaya 190670zDebbie Duncan 190691zDebbie with Gary and Mac 190735zIrv Williams 190852zIrv Williams Quartet 190851zLucia Newell and Steve Kenny 190581zJoan and Lucia 191017zJoan Griffith and Connie Evingson 190885z

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