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Created 12-Nov-12
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Innovative concert series hosted by vocalist Pippi Ardennia brings exciting guest artists every month-- and exciting youth guest artists as well. Ten of the youth artists from the past season were featured in the All-Stars Showcase on November 11, 2012 at the historic Landmark Center in St. Paul, along with the PipJazz house band.
All Stars 134736fBilly Peterson (house band) 135027fDeCarlo Jackson 135120fDevante Jackson 135119fFreeman Ryan 135152fGlenn Swanson (house band) 135090fJack and Liz 135105fJack, Decarlo and Devante (St Denis) 134829fJack, Zosha and DeCarlo 134932fJay Young (house band) 134895fJay Young and Billy Peterson (house band) 134787fJoe Schad 135169fJohn Blanda 134796fJordan Anderson 134888fJordan Anderson with Peter Schimke 134865fJoshua Jones 134853fJoshua Jones 135057fLiz faison 134903fPeter Schimke (house band) 134772fPippi 134758Cf

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