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Created 17-Feb-13
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An entertaining melding of jazz and dance to tell a story of a 1930s brothel, its madam and the young women who work for her, told through clever sequencing of great songbook standards of the era and brought to life through the talented dancers and singers Katie Gearty and Jared Oxborough. The show ran four nights at the Southern Theater in Minneapolis, February 2013. Regina Peluso served as Artistic Director and Choreographer.
Katie Gearty and Jared Oxborough 150584zKatie Gearty (Ms Jones) 150547zJared Oxborough 150522zThe Band 150294zDan Musselman and Graydon Peterson 150295zMadam Jones and Jenny 150326zKatie Gearty (Miss Jones)150317zLily 150336zLily and ensemble 150304zDance ensemble 150402zDance scene 150313zMiss Jones and Nick 150297zMs Jones and Frankie 150320zFrankie and the band 150370zJack 150354zNick and Lily 150335zAnthony Milder 150333zAuld Lang Syne (Ensemble) 150454zEnsemble  150420zEnsemble 150308z

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