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The largest free jazz festival in the world returned to Detroit, September 5-7 2015
Aaron Diehl Trio 269215zAaron Diehl 269211zAaron Diehl 269201zAaron Diehl Trio, Leonard Leathers 269207zAaron Diehl Trio, Paul Sikivie 269213zAnat Cohen Celebrando Brasil 267225zAnat Cohen Celebrando Brasil 267232zAnat Cohen 267138zAnat Cohen 267151zAnat Cohen 267154zAnat Cohen and Linda Oh 267119zAnat Cohen Celebrando Brasil, Daniel Friedman 267127zAnat Cohen Celebrando Brasil, Linda Oh 267127zAnat Cohen Celebrando Brasil, Linda Oh 267133zBurton - Metheny, Pat Metheny 268082zBurton - Metheny, Pat Metheny 268100zBurton - Metheny, Pat Metheny 268105zBurton and Metheny - Antonio Sanchez 268058zBurton and Metheny - Antonio Sanchez 268060zBurton and Metheny - Scott Colley 268027z

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