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Created 9-Oct-13
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Across three locations and one long hiatus, the Artists Quarter has symbolized jazz for the Twin Cities. Now on the brink of closing, this photo album hopefully reflects the diversity of jazz at the AQ and reminds jazz fans that preserving jazz here means preserving the Artists Quarter.... for the artists as well as the audience.
Kenny Introduces Roy Haynes (2006)Adam Linz (Dave King Trucking Co)Adam Meckler Orchestra (2013)Adam Meckler (Lulu's Playground)Andres Prado Quintet (Prado, Jeff Bailey, Pete Whitman)Andres PradojpgAnthony Cox (Lex)Ari HoenigAtlantis Quartet (2012)Babatunde Lea (2013)Bill Brown (Tuesday Night Band)Bill Carrothers (2009)Billy Franze (Tuesday Night Band)Billy Hollman (2006)Billy Peterson (Dave King Trio)Bob Shepperd and Billly Peterson (2012)Brad Bellows (Valve Meets Slide)Brandon Wozniak (2013)Brandon Wozniak and Michael Lewis (2013)Brian Courage

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