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Created 25-Jul-13
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The 15th annual Twin Cities Jazz Festival was blessed with mostly good weather and entirely outstanding music, from veteran pianists Kenny Werner and Cyrus Chestnut to up-and-coming drummer Matt Slocum and even younger, pianist/vocalist Ariel Pocock. Our local artists were well represented (about 200 in all) from Mears Park to the Artists Quarter and small clubs in-between, from our octogenarian marvel Dave Karr to 16-year-old Will Kjeer and the bands on the Youth Stage. We had Talking Strings and Black Market Brass, orchestras and soloists, JazzFly and JazzMN.
1Mears Park, Friday 23680R2Festival welcome 24683R3Naomi and Festival Program 24485RAdam Meckler 25037RAdam Meckler Orchestra 25048RAriel Pocock 23617RAriel Pocock 23641RAriel Pocock Qt, Matt Buckner 23636RAriel Pocock Quartet 23656RAriel Pocock Quartet, Mears Park Greenery 23685RArne and Maud and Wolverines at Mancini's 23299R BWAtlantis Qt 24935RAtlantis Qt, Brandon Wozniak 24949RBlack Market Brass 23003RButch Thompson and Jon Weber at the Artists Quarter 23038RButch Thompson at the Artists Quarter 23077RByzantine Sextet, DeCarlo 24973RCyrus Chestnut 25622RCyrus Chestnut 25724RCyrus Chestnut 25819R

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