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Created 30-Dec-13
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When the Artists Quarter in St Paul closed on New Year's Eve, it left a large void in the Twin Cities jazz scene - the only full time, true-to-the-music jazz club where Cheers and the Village Vanguard seemed to merge, a haven for young musicians as well as veterans, where the main activity was listening. The final weekend offered two nights of open jams and a grand last New Year's Eve Party; the crowds were the largest ever and the music--some of the most inspiring. AQ owner Kenny Horst spent much of the time behind the trapset himself. The weekend jam was everything a night at a jazz club should be...and too often isn't. And NY Eve-- for Auld Lang Syne. Here's to you Kenny Horst, and to all of the musicians who defined jazz.
Pleased and flipped (Davis Wilson) 81829z BWKenny Horst and Babatunde Lea 81047z BWBabatunde Lea 80819zBabatunde Lea and Miguel Hurtado 80745z BWBabatunde Lea and Miguel Hurtado 80759z BWBill Carrothers 80039z BWBill Carrothers 80147z BWBill Steiger 80217zBrian Courage 79950zBryan Nichols 80590zDan Musselman 80265z BWDave Brattain 80292zDave Graf 80620zDave Graf 80839z BWDean Granros and Chris Bates 80381z BWGraydon Peterson  80535z BWGraydon Peterson  80536z BWGraydon Peterson 80550z BWGraydon Peterson 80552z BWGraydon Peterson with Jim Marentic and Jeff Rinear 80531z

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