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Created 9-Oct-12
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Sort of a mini-Detroit festival, TCJF is totally free, outdoors with some additional gigs at nearby club venues, major artists headlining the main stage and a long list of terrific local jazzers. No bluegrass, no rock, this is still a JAZZ festival. This year the crowds were huge, the weather was perfect.
Twin Cities Jazz FestivalAdam Meckler, Jack Brass Band at Central Library 111282fAdi Yeshaya (Debbie Duncan) 113630fAraya brothers (Araya Orta Quartet 113985fAtlantis Quartet on Sxith Street 112425fBad Plus with Joshua Redman 114811fBad Plus with Joshua Redman 114914fBad Plus with Joshua Redman 114926fBarbara LaShoure with Zosha Warpeha and Billy Peterson, Music at Mears 111911fCharmin Michelle with the Twin Cities Seven 112290fChris Thomson with Delfeayo Marsalis Octet 112984fConnie Evingson with Jon Weber and Billy Peterson, Artists Quarter 112065fCrowd at Mears Park, finale 114963fDakota Combo, Youth Stage 114379fDave King, Bad Plus 114759fDean Magraw (Lucia Newell Quartet) 113513fDebbie Duncan 113595fDelfeayo Marsalis 112926fDelfeayo Marsalis Octet 113105fEthan Iverson (Bad Plus) 114582f

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