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Created 29-Jul-13
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The Dakota Jazz Club presented its third StreetFest, closing Nicollet Mall for two blocks, with 3 outdoor stages, Kidsville, and the indoor club stage, featuring more than 20 bands from all walks of music. Even the ever-changing weather and a few light showers couldn't dampen the enthusiasm.
1Dakota Street Fest 34430z2Lowell Picket  34615zBobby Commodore, chicken break 34764zCory Wong 34851zCory Wong Quintet 34863zCory Wong Quintet drummer 34817zCory Wong Quintet, Keyboards 34846zCrankshaft 34761zDakota Combo 24268zDakota Combo 24303zDakota Combo 24311zDakota Combo, Ben 24276zDakota Combo, emcee Larry Englund 34138zDakota Combo, Sam and Levi 24227zDakota Combo, Will 24212zDakota Street Fest, Merch Tent 34432zDakota Street Fest, Merch Tent 34437zDebbie Duncan 34460zDebbie Duncan 34511zDebbie Duncan Band 34490z

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