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Created 18-Feb-14
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A couple years ago I was photographing guitarist Tuck Andress and was fascinated by his hands. I started paying more attention to the hands of musicians -- guitarists and bassists in particular but others as well, as the hands seemed to be an extension of the instrument. I've been gathering a set of photos of musicians where the hands are my main focus.
Adam Linz 137191zAdam Meckler 153296CzAnthony Jackson 97039zBela Fleck and Chick Corea 3711 BWzBilly Peterson 89213 BWzBilly Peterson 150847zBrian Gore 151209zBryan Nichols 149716 BWzChris Bates 33711zChris Bates 84070zChris Bates 84130XzChris Bates 84132 BWXzChris Bates 126160XzChris Bates 153289XzChristian Howes 34953zCory Grossman 66512zDean Granros 2014 87166 BWzGary Burton 53933 BWzGraydon Peterson  80536z BWHiromi (2009) 8276z

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