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Created 5-Nov-16
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Straddling the state line between Minnesota and Wisconsin, Interstate Park offers visual delights on both sides. These images are from the Pothole Trail on the Minnesota (western) side along the St Croix River (October 2016)
Fallen birch 361729zLeaves 361826zPothole Trail 361739zPothole Trail 361740XPzPothole Trail 361744XPzPothole Trail 361750zPothole Trail 361762zPothole Trail 361767XPzPothole Trail 361775zPothole Trail 361777zPothole Trail 361794zPothole Trail 361800zPothole Trail 361806zSticks and stones 361804 BWzPothole Trail 361810XPzPothole Trail 361818zPothole Trail 361846XPzPothole Trail 361859zPothole Trail 361879 BWzPothole Trail 361887z

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