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Created 9-Jul-14
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Three days of amazing music, mostly good weather, and a well-run organization made the 2014 Iowa City Jazz Festival a memorable experience for the audience as well as the musicians.
IC Jazz Fest 135151ZJared Gold Trio 135081ZJared Gold 135081ZDave Stryker (Jared Gold Trio ) 134791ZPedrito Martinez Group 135176zPedrito Martinez 135207ZNordic Connect, Ingrid Jensen 135659zNordic Connect, Ingrid and Christine Jensen 135704znordic Connect, Geoff Keezer 135620zNOrdic Connect, Geoff Keezer 135763zCreole Soul 136134zCreole Soul 136179zCreole Soul, Brian Hogans and Etienne Charles 136259ZUs Five 136935BWzJoe Lovano 136598zUs Five Joe Lovano 136549zUs Five Drum duel (Francisco Mela and Otis Brown III)  136841zUs Five Francisco Mela 136450zUs Five Otis Brown III 136496zJames Weidman (Us Five) 136665z

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