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Created 26-Jan-15
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My first--hopefully not last--visit to Yosemite in early October. Sunny, warm, and a new fire erupted in the Valley. The drought meant the historic waterfalls were simply not there. But plenty of amazing scenery nevertheless.
El Capitan 166383zMerced River 166226zMerced River, Yosemite Valley 166190zMerced River, Yosemite Valley 166384zMerced River, Yosemite Valley 166404zReflections, Merced River 166539zReflections, Merced River 166483zHalf Dome 166557zYosemite Valley morning 166564zYosemite Valley 166569 BWzEl Capitan 166495zEl Capitan 166502 BWzEl Capitan 166507zGlacier Point 156730zGlacier Point 166788zHalf Dome, Glacier Point 167289BzGlacier Point 167299zGlacier Point 167300zHalf Dome, Glacier Point 166779zHalf Dome, Glacier Point 166803z

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Guestbook for Yosemite National Park 2014
Paul Winger(non-registered)
I must say this is some of your finest non-jazz imagery. In addition to your compositions of the iconic landmarks of Yosemite I found the more intimate (Eliot Porteresque) and close-up views are the ones that really captured my attention and spoke to me. Your use of reflections was also well done. The textural images of rocks, water and the pine bark were outstanding. I hope in some small way I influenced your outstanding pine bark close-ups. I only wish I could claim them as my own. Well done my friend!
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