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Created 25-Jan-14
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London-based bassist Michael Janisch his quintet in the launch of a Midwest Tour at Studio Z in St Paul, January 23rd. A truly gifted ensemble -- Patrick Cornelius on alto sax, Phil Dizack on trumpet, Matt Stevens on guitar and Clarence Penn on drums. Intense, exciting, inventive music.
Michael Janisch Quintet 86189zMichael Janisch Quintet 86198 BWzMichael Janisch Quintet 85762zHorns and strings 85944zClarence Penn 85781 BWzClarence Penn 85865 BWzClarence Penn 85895 BWzClarence Penn 85906 BWzClarence Penn 85918zClarence Penn 85923zClarence Penn 85929zClarence Penn 86028 BWzMatt Stevens 85850zMatt Stevens 85903zMatt Stevens 85969 BWzMatt Stevens 86093zMatt Stevens 86094 BWzMatt Stevens 86171 BWzMatt Stevens and Michael Janisch 86146zMichael Janisch 85818z

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