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Created 23-May-13
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Jane Monheit returned to the Dakota for two nights, as stunning in song as ever. When will record labels recognize the value of live recordings? Jane always infuses her live performances with more energy and charm than the best studio recording. With husband Rick Montalbano on drums, Neal Minor on bass, and arranger Michael Kanan on piano.
Jane Monheit and Rick Montalbano 12918zJane Monheit 12835zJane Monheit 12843zJane Monheit 12901CzJane Monheit 12901zJane Monheit 12958zHJane Monheit 129954zJane Monheit and quartet 12888zJane Monheit with Michael Kanan and Neal Minor 12923zJane Monheit with MIchael Kanan and Neal Minor 12933zJane Monheit with Michael Kanan and Rick Montalbano 12867zMichael Kanan 12883zNeal Minor 12828zNeal Minor 12894zRick Montalbano 12948zRick Montalbano 12952zJane Monheit 12847z

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