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Created 7-Feb-13
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Internationally renowned pianist and educator Lynne Arriale spent a cold weekend in the Twin Cities doing what she does best-- performing and teaching. In addition to two sublime nights at the Artists Quarter --with local standouts Adam Linz on bass and Jay Epstein (Friday) and Dave Schmalenberger (Saturday) on drums, Lynne conducted a workshop for young pianists on Saturday and a clinic for the Dakota Combo (high school all-star ensemble) on Sunday.
Lynne Arriale Trio (with Jay Epstein) 147939fLynne Arriale Trio (with Dave Schmalenberger) 148873zLynne Arriale Trio (with Dave Scmalenberger) 148845zLynne Arriale 148030CzLynne Arriale 147941zLynne Arriale 148588czLynne Arriale 148749CzAdam Linz 147990fAdam Linz 147782zAdam Linz 148790zDave Schmalenberger 148814zJay Epstein 147704zDakota Combo clinic (Lynne and Sam) 148914zDakota Combo Clinic (Lynne and Will) 148955zDakota Combo and Lynne Arriale 149071zDakota Combo Clinic (Ben and Lynne) 148944zLynne Arriale and the Dakota Combo 149118zLynne Arriale and the Dakota Combo 149130z

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