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Created 6-Jan-17
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Annual NEMAA show, works selected by lottery (1 per selected artist). About 25% of entries are selected. I got lucky my first time in 2016 with the selection of "5th Street North," an iconic intersection of 1st Ave and 5th Street anchored by the 2015 Bob Dylan mural and the Light Rail station. I got lucky again in 2017, showing "Prince of Uptown," which was shot shortly after the mural was completed following Prince's death in spring 2016. I was struck by the placement of the rock icon above the garbage bins lining the alley-- subject to many interpretations! The 2016 and 2017 shows were/will be on display in the Solar Arts Building in the fall; see for details.
2016: Fifth Street North 319931z2017: Prince of Uptown 335268 BWz

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