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Created 10-Jan-14
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Guitar guru Larry Coryell brought his "Power Trio" with Larry Gray and Paul Wertico to the Dakota in Minneapolis. Nothing more powerful than three masters reinventing standards and original tunes.
Larry Coryell 83109zLarry Coryell 83127z BWLarry Coryell 83132z BWLarry Coryell 83180z BWLarry Coryell and Larry Gray 83096zLarry Coryell and Larry Gray 83112z BWLarry Coryell and Larry Gray 83120z BWLarry Coryell and Larry Gray 83141z BWLarry Gray 83114z BWLarry Gray 83152z BWLarry Gray 83300z BWLarry Gray and Paul Wertico 83223z  BWPaul Wertico 83151z BWPaul Wertico 83161z BWPaul Wertico 83163z BWPaul Wertico 83187z BWPaul Wertico 83216z  BWPaul Wertico 83239z  BWPower Trio 83169zBWTrio 83174z

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