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Created 10-Dec-13
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In 2012, guitarist/composer Bill Frisell was commissioned to compose music for the Monterey Jazz Festival, the result was a suite of pieces inspired by his surroundings in Big Sur. He's touring with the quintet that came together for this project-- a mash up of his 858 Quartet and Beautiful Dreamers Trio (Jenny Scheinman, Eyvind Kang, Hank Roberts and Rudy Royston). They performed the suite straight through at The Cedar Cultural Center in Minneapolis on December 8, 2013.
Big Sur Quintet 74163zBig Sur Quintet 74232z BWBil Frisell 74179 BWzBill Frisell 74239z BWBill Frisell 74266zBill Frisell and strings 74211 BWzHank Roberts 74277zhank Roberts 74280z BWJenny Scheinman and Eyvind Kang 74244z BWJenny Scheinman and Eyvind Kang 74282z BWJenny Scheinman and Eyvind Kang 74284zRudy Royston 74194z BWRudy Royston 74228zRudy Royston 74269z BWRudy Royston 74278z BWRudy Royston 74286zString duo 74154z BWString trio 74157z BW

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