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Created 30-Dec-13
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Mike and Donna Wolsted have hosted salons in their home for a number of years, now going "public" with the audience contributing to pay the musicians. Generally there's a couple sets from local favorites and sometimes a visiting headliner. Jazz as it was meant to be--collaborative, spontaneous, unfettered. Gallery from 2008-2014.
Donna Wolsted Hostess (2008) 8313zArne Fogel (2008) 8402zDave Graf and Matt Senjem (2008) 8354zDoug Haining and Dave Graf (2008) 8352zDoug Haining, Gordy Johnson and Gary Schulte (2008) 8304zGary Schulte (2008)  8237zLynn Ross with Rick Carlson (2008) 8431zMaud Hixson (2008) 8269zNancy Harms (2008) 8420zRhonda Laurie (2008) 8385zRick Carlson (2008) 8209zDan Ristrom and the Eddie Higgins Trio (2008) 10686zDoug Haining (2008)Eddie Higgins (2008) 0663zEddie Higgins and Maud Hixson 10743zEddie Higgins Trio (2008) 10661zGraydon Peterson (2008) 10777zGraydonPeterson and Eddie Higgins (2008) 10754zLee Engele with Rick Carlson (2008) 10808zReuben Ristrom (2008) 10674z

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