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Created 16-Jan-14
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The Black Dog is a very small performance space/coffee shop and wine bar in St Paul's historic Lowertown district, and often the scene of the most sophisticated improvised music in the area. Drummer Davu Seru is a frequent performer and gig host -- on January 15th 2014, his "friends" for the evening included saxophonist Michael Lewis, guitarist Dean Magraw, and internationally acclaimed bassist Anthony Cox. Except Cox played cello all night.
Anthony Cox 85291 BWzAnthony Cox 85307XzAnthony Cox 85340 BWzDavu Seru 85243zDavu Seru 85268 BWzDavu Seru 85276C BWzDavu Seru 85301 BWzDavu Seru 85302 BWzDavu Seru 85312 BWzDavu Seru 85344 BWzDavu Seru and Anthony Cox 85206zDean Magraw 85248 BWzDean Magraw 85354zDean Magraw and Mike Lewis 85264 BWzDean Magraw and Mike Lewis 85265 BWzDean Magraw and Mike Lewis 85265zMike Lewis 85218zMike Lewis 85242z BWMike Lewis 85255z BWMike Lewis 85309Xz

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