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Created 5-Oct-13
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Dave Holland has a long history leading stellar ensembles, from quartets to Big Bands. His latest enterprise is dubbed Prism, and features Kevin Eubanks, Craig Taborn and Eric Harland. After a much-lauded performance at the Monterey Jazz Festival, Prism spent two days at the Dakota Jazz Club in Minneapolis.
Prism 52674zPrism 52679 BWzPrism 52695zPrism 52359 BWzDave Holland 51727zDave Holland 51792zDave Holland 51738zDave Holland 51792H BWzDave Holland 51801 BWzDave Holland and Kevin Eubanks 51726 BWzDave Holland and Kevin Eubanks 51755 BWzDave Holland and Kevin Eubanks 51936zDave Holland and Kevin Eubanks 52402 BWzCraig Taborn 51958 BWzCraig Taborn 51965 BWzCraig Taborn 52370 BWzCraig Taborn 52505 BWzCraig Taborn 52653 BWzCraig Taborn and Dave Holland 52160 BWzEric Harland 51905z

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