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Created 22-Nov-12
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Transporting us back to Paris and the music of Django Reinhardt and Stephan Grappelli, guitarist/violinist Dorado Schmitt and his talented band turned the Dakota into swinging cafe'.
Dorado Schmitt 136819zDorado Schmitt 136830zDorado Schmitt 136884zDorado Schmitt 136886zDorado Schmitt 136944zDorado Schmitt and Ludovic Beier 136813zFranco Mehrstein 136822zFranco Mehrstein and Xavier Nikq 136823zFranco Mehrstein and Xavier Nikq 136942zLudovic Beier (accordina) 136853zLudovic Beier 136774zLudovic Beier 136872zLudovic Beier 136931zPierre Blancahrd, Franco Mehrstein, Xavier Nikq 136887BWPierre Blanchard 136786 BWzPierre Blanchard 136848BWzPierre Blanchard 136858BWzPierre Blanchard 136910zPierre Blanchard 136914zPierre Blanchard 136964 BWz

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