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Created 22-Dec-13
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There's only ten days before St Paul's world-renowned jazz club closes its doors, but finale will long linger in jazz lovers' memories. This weekend, two favorite visiting artists and frequent collaborators helped raise the roof -- saxophonist Eric Alexander and pianist David Hazeltine, joined by two who have helped shaped the AQ for the past 20 years -- owner/drummer Kenny Horst and bassist Billy Peterson.
Quartet 77585zDavid Hazeltine, Billy Peterson and Kenny Horst 77586zDavid Hazeltine 77333z BWDavid Hazeltine and Billy Peterson 77368z BWDavid Hazeltine and Kenny Horst 77582zEric  Alexander 77289zeric alexander 77228zeric Alexander 77266z BWeric alexander 77268zEric alexander 77514z BWBilly Peterson 77631zBilly Peterson 77720CzBilly Peterson and Kenny Horst 77653z BWBilly Peterson and Kenny Horst 77679zKenny Horst 77436zKenny Horst 77538zKenny Horst 77611z BWEric Alexander (and Dexter Gordon) 77690z BW

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