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Created 9-Jul-13
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The Dakota Combo was invited to perform on the Youth Stage of the Iowa City Jazz Festival (July 6). Each year, the Combo is selected through open auditions among the Twin Cities area's top high school jazz musicians. The Dakota Combo is directed by Adam Linz through the MacPhail Center for Music, with support from the Dakota Foundation for Jazz Education.
Dakota Combo 27419zDakota Combo 27449zDakota Combo 27845zDakota Combo 27937zDakota Combo, Youth Stage 27426zJack and Peter 27884zAdam Linz 27443zBenjamin Beyene 27932zDakota Combo 27416zJack Courtright 27364zLevi and Zosha 27495zLevi Schwartzberg 27833zPeter Goggin 27895zPeter Goggin 27904zRhythm section 27399zSam and Will 27448zSam Worthington 27461zWill Kjeer 27514zWill Kjeer 27842zZosha Warpeha 27518z

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