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Created 9-Jun-13
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KBEM Radio sponsored an intriguing concert illustrating the roots of American music in jazz and Native American traditions, bringing together flautist Bobb Fantauzzo and his JazZen ensemble (with Aaron Kerr on electric cello, Mike Bruns on guitar, Dan Lange on drums) and Native American vocalist/percussionist Lyz Jaakola. Some of the legends of jazz have Native American heritage and we heard Ellington, Pettiford, Lloyd and more from a new perspective.
JazZen 18820zJazZen 18825zJazZen 18838zBobb Fantauzo 18899zBobb Fantauzzo 18753zBobb Fantauzzo 18757zBobb Fantauzzo 18761zBobb Fantauzzo 18818zBobb Fantauzzo 18870zBobb Fantauzzo and Lyz Jaakola 18792zAaron Kerr 18832zAaron Kerr 18857zDaniel Lange 18822zDaniel Lange 18849zDaniel Lange 18916zLyz Jaakola 18766zLyz Jaakola 18780zLyz Jaakola 18795zLyz Jaakola 18807zLyz Jaakola 18860z

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