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Created 10-Jan-14
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Vocalist Roberta Gambarini brought her trademark swing and rambunctious vocalese to the Dakota this week. The climate on stage was as hot as the outdoor Arctic air mass was cold, which explains the steam rising to the rafters. And this was not just all about Roberta but much credit goes to her quartet, all monsters on their own terms -- Justin Robinson, George Cables, Ray Drummond and Victor Lewis.
Roberta Gambarini 83356zRoberta Gambarini 83381zRoberta Gambarini 83423zRoberta Gambarini 83446zGeorge Cables 83407z BWGeorge Cables 83643zJustin Robinson 83394zJustin Robinson 83499zRay Drummond 83398z BWRay Drummond 83545zRoberta Gambarini 83378zRoberta Gambarini 83518z BWRoberta Gambarini 83737zRoberta Gambarini and Justin Robinson 83488z BWRoberta Gambarini and Justin Robinson 83572zVictor Lewis 83559zVictor Lewis 83634XzRoberta Gambarini and quartet 83781z BW

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