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Created 15-Mar-13
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The always inspiring Charles Lloyd brought his Sky Trio--with Reuben Rogers and Eric Harland--to the Dakota Jazz Club, along with special guest, pianist Gerald Clayton. Truly holy music.
Charles Lloyd 1517z BWCharles Lloyd 1530 BWzCharles Lloyd 1534z BWCharles Lloyd 1544zCharles Lloyd 1588z BWCharles Lloyd 1652zBWCharles Lloyd and Reuben Rogers 1518z BWCharles Lloyd with Reuben Rogers 1508z BWEric Harland 1552zEric Harland 1555zEric Harland 1567zEric Harland 1573zEric Harland 1638zGerald Clayton 1656zGerald Clayton 1660 BWzGerald Clayton 1661zGerald Clayton 1666zReuben Rogers 1512 BWzReuben Rogers 1646z BWReuben Rogers and Charles Lloyd 1644z BW

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