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Created 24-Nov-15
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Multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, composer, dancer, performance artist Jen Shyu made her Twin Cities debut at The Icehouse on November 23rd, performing her one-woman opera, "Solo Rites: Seven Breaths". This work, composed and choreographed by Shyu, features her talents on vocals, dance, Taiwanese moon lute, piano, and the Korean gayageum. It's almost as visually exciting as aurally stunning.
Jen Shyu, moon luteJen Shyu, moon luteJen Shyu, moon luteJen Shyu, gayageumJen Shyu, gayageumJen Shyu, moon luteJen Shyu, moon luteJen ShyuJen ShyuJen Shyu, keyboardJen ShyuJen Shyu, moon luteJen ShyuJen Shyu, fan and bamboo stickJen Shyu, bamboo stickJen Shyu, moon luteJen Shyu, finale

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