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Created 12-Nov-12
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With the Minnesota Orchestra season "delayed" and the cancelation of the schedule clarinet festival, the Dakota Jazz Club more than picked up the slack, booking Anat Cohen and her quartet, with special guest Evan Christopher. Much better to enjoy the vibrant and virtuosic Cohen in a more intimate setting! A show filled with energy and delight, on both sides of the stage.
Anat  Cohen 134568zAnat 134389CzAnat Cohen 134432zAnat Cohen 134454zAnat Cohen 134492zAnat Cohen 134547zAnat Cohen 134589zAnat Cohen 134641zAnat Cohen 134681zAnat Cohen and Evan Christopher 134658zAnat Cohen and Evan Christopher 134671zAnat Cohen and Joe Martin 134517zAnat Cohen Quartet 134491zAnat Cohen with Jason Lindner  134476zAnat Cohen with Jason Lindner and Joe Martin 134469zAnat Cohen with Jason Lindner and Joe Martin 134484zAnat Cohen with Joe Martin and Daniel Freedman 134453zAnat Cohen134471zDaniel Freedman 134442zDaniel Freedman 134522z

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