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Created 10-Apr-13
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Not one, but two living legends of modern jazz guitar. Scofield with special guest Stern came to Minneapolis with drummer Bill Stewart and bassist Ben Street.
Hollowbody Band 5108 BWzHollowbody Band 5024zHollowbody Band 5247 BWzJohn Scofield 4902zJohn Scofield 4903zJohn Scofield 5347 BWzJohn Scofield and Bill Stewart 5124zScofield, Stewart and Street 5126zMike Stern 4895 BWzMike Stern 4929cMike Stern 4941zMike Stern 5075 BWzMike Stern 5289BWzBen Street 4894 BWzBen Street 4954zBill Stewart 4896zBill Stewart 4974zBill Stewart 4994 BWf

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