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Created 25-Jan-17
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Garden Gallery, St. Barnabas Lutheran Church, Plymouth, MN (duo exhibit with Keith Miesel), April 2017. Take nothing at face value. In the natural world, a rock formation becomes a street collage. In the urban world, a rusted dumpster becomes a rural landscape. Perspective, color, light or darkness, shape and texture -- realities become abstractions; imagination yields transformations. This exhibit pairs ambiguous and abstract imagery from natural and urban settings. In this gallery, the pairs are posted consecutively--1 &2, 3&4, etc with the "natural" abstract first. The natural abstracts are from various areas in Eastern Minnesota (including Minneapolis, Interstate Park near Taylors Falls, Minnehaha Creek) and northern California (Yosemite); the urban images are from Manhattan, Minneapolis, and Iowa City.
1A Glacial Plates 361794XPCz1B Outlaw Arts 1952XP2z2A Solstice 181735XBz2B Watchtower Blues 319943XPz3A Topograph 363456Az3b Daliscape 362940XP2z4A Laughing Water 385840XPz4B Rust-o-leum 369073AXPz5A Garden of Cambria 361941XPz5B HiLine Mosaic S1576XP2z6A Tioga Road 166974 BWXPz6B Spires of Himalaya  356283 BWXPz7A Glacial Cadence 361878Xz7B Sheet Music 362893XPCz

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