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Created 10-Feb-15
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I've been photographing musicians--mostly jazz artists-- for the past decade. I have translated some of those images into graphic images for colorful notecards. The card images are 5 x 7 printed as a 5 1/2 x 7 1/4 notecard on archival white, 100% cotton rag stock; suitable for framing or mailing, with a matching envelope (hand signed; watermark on gallery images removed). Cards are available at 4/$15 (any combination of images) plus $3 shipping. (Ask about pricing and shipping for larger quantities). Order/ info at [email protected] Note that many other images in my Zenfolio gallery can be printed as notecards.
Dean Magraw and Kenny Horst, Last Night at the Artists Quarter 82766z (Sepia)DoubleBatesDoubleStop 101137XzGuitartistry 81432XXzHornfire XXzLima Lando 7525S2zSaxofano 49502XPzSaxotonic 22171CXzSong of Solomon 2CzStyx Attack 122352XzHornacopia 123215XPzCellogic2 8026zOctavia 67068XzSong Sister 127797XzClaranatta 137521CXzVibrantFirebellKing SolomonSaxglow

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