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Created 17-Mar-13
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Stacey Kent brought us a Valentine's Day gift -- two nights of performances at the Dakota Jazz Club with husband Jim Tomlinson on sax, Art Hirahara on piano, and the Twin Cities' own Gordy Johnson (bass) and Phil Hey (drums).
Stacey Kent Band 150219fBWStacey Kent 150233f BWStacey Kent and Jim Tomlinson 150248fStacey Kent and Jim Tomlinson 150254f BWGordy Johnson and Art Hirahara 150244 BWzJim Tomlinson 150245z BWPhil Hey and Gordy Johnson 150225zPhil Hey 150236z BWRhythm and sax 150238f BWStacey Kent 150209f BWStacey Kent and Jim Tomlinson 150249 BWCzStacey Kent Band 150249z

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