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Created 28-Oct-12
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Elling brought the music of his 1619 Broadway--Brill Building Project to the Twin Cities with his touring quartet--Laurence Hobgood, John McLean, Clark Sommers and Kendrick Scott. But it really does not matter what's on the set list, it is always an evening of pure genius, from Irving Berlin to Pleasant Valley Sunday.
Kurt Elling 130632zKurt Elling 130657zKurt Elling 130687zKurt Elling 130718 BWzKurt Elling 130767zKurt Elling 130769zKurt Elling with Kendrick Scott and Clark Sommers 130629zKurt Elling with Kendrick Scott and Clark Sommers 130761zKurt Elling with Laurence Hobgood 130762zLaurence Hobgood 130764zLaurence Hobgood 130771zClark Sommers 130595zJohn McLean 130622zClark Sommers 130763zJohn McLean 130636zKendrick Scott 130719zKendrick Scott 130745 BWzKendrick Scott 130760zKendrick Scott 130765zKendrick Scott 130770z

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