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Created 11-Jan-13
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Part of the emergence of a strong generation of Israeli jazz artists based in New York, bassist Omer Avital leads a fascinating ensemble drawing international accolades, Band of the East. At the St Paul JCC on January 10th, the band included Greg Tardy (tenor sax), Nadav Remez (guitar), Jason Lindner (keyboards) and Yonadav Halevy (drums).
Band of the East 144161zBand of the East 144183zBand of the East 144331zOmer 143915zOmer Avital 143930zomer Avital 144231zOmer Avital 144245zYonadav Halevy 144059zYonadav Halevy 144074zGreg Tardy 143868zJason Lindner143997zNadav and Omer 143895zNadav Remez 143858zGreg and Omer 144136zGreg Tardy 144218zJason Lindner 143856zNadav and Omer 143912zNadav Remez 143899zNavad Remez 144144zOmer Avital 143954z

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