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Created 26-May-13
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For the level of talent and invention, this ensemble should have national recognition. Maybe soon if they keep moving along their current musical pathway. Their Memorial Day weekend gig at the Artists Quarter in St Paul was filled with new interpretations of compositions on the CD Bright Places as well as new works from Nichols and some favorites from Keith Jarrett's American Quartet. Two saxes up front give this quintet a lot of energy.
Bryan Nichols Quintet 16686zBryan Nichols Quintet 16390 BWzBryan Nichols 16234zBryan Nichols 16382 BWzBryan Nichols 16480zBryan Nichols and Brandon Wozniak16650zBrandon Wozniak and Michael Lewis  16333 BWzBrandon Wozniak and Michael Lewis 16339 BWzBrandon Wozniak, James Buckley and Michael Lewis 16681zjames Buckley 16332 BWzJames Buckley 16343zJames Buckley 16361zJames Buckley 16367zJT Bates 16245zJT Bates 16432zJT Bates 16505zJT Bates 16583zJT Bates and James Buckley 16352zMichael Lewis 16302zMichael Lewis 16312z

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