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Created 22-Oct-12
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One of the top vocal ensembles in the Midwest, Five by Design's popular "Club Swing" came to the Burnsville Performing Arts Center, with the Robert Baca Band and great songs from the 30s, 40s and 50s, embedded in a plot about the last days of Club Swing.
Club Swing, the Baca Band 130447zClub Swing, the Baca Band 130462 BWzClub Swing, the Baca Band 130481zClub Swing, the Baca Band 130514zJoe aka Alton 130444zMichael and Terence 130468zLorie and Kurt, Audition 130475zKurt and Sheridan, Audition 130472zMichael, No pants 130478zPirate attack 130509zSheridan 130456zTanner Taylor 130465zTerence and Laurie 130454CzSpike Jones and friends 130513zSpike Jones and the guys 130512zHit Parade #2 (Terence) 130523zFive by Design 130521zFive by Design 130536zFive by Design 130541zFive by Design 130453z

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