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Created 9-Dec-13
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The one-time wonderkind of B-3 is now arguably the top dog B-3 jazz artist on the planet. Joey D came to the Dakota in the Twin Cities with his Chicago-based team of guitarist Jeff Parker and drummer George Fludas, playing music off Joey's new CD honoring Rudy Van Gelder ("One for Rudy").
JOey D 71324zJoey D 71399zJoey D 71405zJoey D 71407zJoey D 71414zJoey D 71418zJoey D 71478zJoey D 71575zJoey D and George Fludas 71440zJoey D and Jeff Parker 71474zJoey D on trumpet 71484zGeorge Fludas 71284zGeorge Fludas 71520zGeorge Fludas 71584zJeff Parker 71192zJeff Parker 71504fJeff Parker 73191zJoey Defrancesco Trio 71499z

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