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Created 17-Aug-13
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One of the most active composers and bandleaders in the Twin Cities, Jeremy Walker is battling late stage Lyme Disease, so his friends organized a benefit at the Dakota Jazz Club, bringing in New York pals Ted Nash and David Berkman to join Jeremy's own Boot Camp ensemble, Anthony Cox's Happy Spirits, and friends from the Minnesota Opera as well as comedian Joseph Scrimshaw. Jeremy even added a little solo piano himself. It was a great evening for a great cause.
Jeremy Walker 31902zJeremy Walker 31903zJeremy Walker 31904zMarsha Walker 31742zJoseph Scrimshaw 31625zTed Nash 31638zDavid berkman 31772zBoot Camp 31674zBoot Camp with Ted Nash 31680zBoot Camp with Ted Nash 31696zBoot Camp with Ted Nash 31715zBoot Camp, Brandon Wozniak 31644zBoot Camp, Bryan Nichols 31663zBoot Camp, Chris Bates 31667zBoot Camp, David Berkman  31788 BWzBoot Camp, David Berkman 31776zBoot Camp, David Berkman with Ted Nash 31792 BWzBoot Camp, Miguel Hurtado 31640zBoot Camp, Miguel Hurtado 31726zBoot Camp, Ted Nash and Brandon Wozniak 31675z

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