Monday, October 10, 2016

The Lead Sheet: Twin Cities Live Jazz, October 7-13

Benny Green in the Dunsmore Room, October 9
Cooler nights are becoming the norm, but in jazz terms, "cool" is always a good thing, and we have plenty of cool coming our way on the Twin Cities Jazz scene --including two opportunities to hear former resident bassist Brian Courage, a visit from Benny Green to honor the new Steinway in the Dunsmore Room, and a reunion of the cast of Joan Griffith's Sambanova. Other favorites pair up for some duo magic.

Big Gigs This Week

Brian Courage
Friday, October 7. Bassist Brian Courage swings through the midwest this week, and following q quartet big at Reverie last night, he's now joining in at Vieux Carre as part of a ten-piece band led by New York based trombonist Chris Mish Bloxdorf. 

Eric Gravatt
Also Friday, Eric Kamau Gravatt returns to Jazz Central with Source Code--with Solomon Parham, Dave Graf, Lucia Sarmiento and Ron Evaniuk, it's a little heavier on horns than usual. Source Code is followed by a band led by young saxophonist Mitch Rand and pals from River Falls.

A little more relaxing for a Friday night, songbird Maud Hixson returns to Parma 8200 with Rick Carlson and Gordy Johnson, warming up for her appearance at Rose Hall in New York later this month.  And linger over dinner at the Icehouse, as Zacc Harris and Bryan Nichols perform duos for the dinner crowd.

And if you prefer Friday night at the movies, the East Side Freedom Library in St Paul will be screening "What Happened, Miss Simone," on their monthly film series.

Phil Aaron
Saturday, October 8.  The singers of Jazz Alley continue brunch at Golden's Deli, while agile pianist Phil Aaron fills in for JoAnn Funk in the Lobby Bar of the St Paul Hotel.

Park Evans
Saturday Night Jazz at the Black Dog  features the intriguing vibes-cello duo of Steve Kimmel and Greg Byers followed by the Park Evans Quintet. Joining the always-brilliant guitarist will be Evan Benidt on saxes, Steve Kenny on FLUMPET,  Ted Olsen on bass, and Greg Schutte on drums.

Saturday is also the reprise of the jazz festival Singers Scat Off -- some of the region's top scat singers (Sarah M Greer, Jana Nyberg, Vicky Mountain, Jason Peterson DeLaire, host Maryann Sullivan) converge at Jazz Central for some vocal gymnastics with a winner decided by audience vote.

Sunday, October 9. Some afternoon delights as Maud Hixson sings from her Listening for Your Song project at the St Paul Central Library in the beautiful Magazine Room.

Benny Green
The Dunsmore Room in Crooners Lounge officially unveils its new Steinway D piano by presenting a solo show by internationally renowned pianist Benny Green, one of the top pureveyors of swinging bebop. (I've heard the new piano and it is spectacular.) And Benny will make it sing -- note this show starts at 5 pm.

Monday, October 10. JT's Jazz Implosion has a double header with the Brian Courage Quartet and the New York based quartet, The Westerlies. Brian will feature Dean Granros, Noah Ophoven-Baldwin, and JT Bates.

Linda Peterson
Pianist/vocalist and songwriter Linda Peterson marks the start of five straight nights in Crooners Lounge for Happy Hour, followed tonight by a father and son act with Reuben and Dan Ristrom, guitar and voice with plenty of swing.

In the spotlight at Jazz Central is New York-based drummer Yonatan Oleiski and Brooklyn guitarist Key Hutchinson.

Dean Granros and Joel Shapira
Tuesday, October 11 is a strong guitar night, with Joan Griffith, Laura Caviani and Lucia Newell recreating some of their Brazilian favorites and more in the Dunsmore Room at Crooners; Joel Shapira and Dean Granros make it a double guitar duo at Vieux Carre' (Chris Lomheim opens on solo piano), and the Chris Olson Project is on stage at the Black Dog with a new trio featuring Peter Vircks on sax and Reid Kennedy on drums. At Jazz Central, Big Band Night features the Cedar Avenue Big Band.

Lani Hall and Herb Alpert
Wednesday, October 12  Musical and life partners Herb Alpert--yes, the great trumpeter we all loved in the 60s-- and singer Lani Hall are back in town, this time at the Pantages Theater. At Vieux Carre', vocalist Sophia Shorai opens for the amazing duo of Butch Thompson and Dean Magraw, piano and guitar like none other.

Chris Bates launched a new trio project last winter with pianist Joe Strachan and drummer Matt Buckner, but Buckner has moved to Florida and Chris has signed on a young veteran, Miguel Hurtado. They debut the new configuration at Jazz 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Thursday, October 13. Vocalist Emily Jane Davis returns to Jazz Central with the trio Jazz by Fosse (pianist Arne and bassist Ron Fosse with drummer Bill Hottinger), with special guest trumpeter Erez Nirov.

Chris Cunningham
At Reverie, the Thursday Night Jazz series presents the Adam Booker Hyp-gnosis ensemble, with leader Booker on bass along with Pete Whitman, Zacc Harris, and Jay Epstein. And it's an improvisers string fest at Khyber Pass with oud player Issam Rafea and 12-string guitarist Chris Cunningham-- each will play a solo set, ending in a duo.

More Jazz!
See the the Live jazz calendar posted on the KBEM website, and see more about jazz events at --online and on facebook. Tune into the radio edition of The Lead Sheet every Thursday at 4:40 pm (rebroadcast on Fridays at 8:20 am). Andrea's guest next week will be Maud Hixson, talking about some new projects including her upcoming gig in the Rose Theater of Jazz at Lincoln Center.

Coming Soon!
. October 14, Steve Kenny Quartet at the Underground Music Cafe'
. October 14, Rodney Ruckus at Jazz Central
. October 15, Amir El Saffar Ensemble, McGuire Theater at Walker Art Center
. October 15, Babatunde Lea Quartet/Jazz Bridge Project, Saturday Night Jazz at the Black Dog
. October 15, Chris Lomheim, guest pianist in the Lobby Bar, Saint Paul Hotel
. October 15, Yolande Bruce at Crooners Lounge
. October 17, Mississippi with Andres Prado, CD Release at the Dakota
. October 17, Miguel Hurtado at Jazz Central
. October 19, Charles Lazarus in the Dunsmore Room at Crooners Lounge
. October 20, Rhonda Laurie at Jazz Central
. October 20, Six Families at Khyber Pass
. October 20-21, McCoy Tyner Quartet with Gary Bartz at the Dakota
. October 21, Davu Seru's No Territory Band, Walker West Music Academy
. October 21, Atrium Jazz Ensemble, "Ballads", Jazz in Target Atrium (Orchestra Hall)
. October 21-22, Matt Slocum Trio at Studio Z
. October 22, PipJazz at The Bedlam Lowertown
. October 22, Patty Peterson and Friends at Crooners Lounge
. October 22, Douglas Ewart Group/John Devine & Bill Lang, Saturday Night Jazz at the Black Dog
. October 22, Nachito Herrera at the Dakota
. October 23, Rudresh Mahanthappa and Bird Calls at Vieux Carre'
. October 24, Fall of the House of Usher EP Release at the Icehouse
. October 24, Bobby Lyle with Billy Peterson in the Dunsmore Room at Crooners Lounge
. October 24, Aaron Hedenstrom at Jazz Central
. October 25, Brian Claxton Trio in the Dunsmore Room at Crooners Lounge
. October 25, Twin Cities Latin Jazz Orchestra at Jazz Central
. October 27, Hot Sardines at the Dakota
. October 27, Bottomless Pit, Thursday Night Jazz at Reverie
. October 28, Jazz Around Minneapolis (JAM) Festival at Minneapolis North High School
. October 29, Pat Moriarty-Ellen Lease Quartet/JazzINK Youth Showcase (Roseville High School Combo), Saturday Night Jazz at the Black Dog
. October 30, Soul Cafe at Hennepin Avenue United Methodist Church
. October 31, NOH Band (Tim Berne, Dave Torn, Dave King) at the Icehouse
. November 4, Acoustic Alchemy at the Dakota
. November 6, Maud Hixson, "What Judy Means to Jazz" at the Bloomington Black Box Theater
. November 11, Chucho Valdes/Joe Lovano at Hancher Auditorium, Iowa City
. November 14, Catherine Russell at the Dakota
. November 18, Bruce Henry at Crooners Lounge
. November 19, JazzMN Orchestra "New Orleans Night" at Hopkins High School Auditorium
. November 22-23, Dorado Schmitt and the Django Festival All Stars at the Dakota
. November 22-23, Dave King Trio in the Dunsmore Room at Croones Lounge
. November 27, Geoffrey Keezer in the Dunsmore Room at Crooners Lounge
. December 5, John Raymond CD Release at the Icehouse
. December 8, Tim Warfield's Jazzy Christmas with Cyrus Chestnut and Stefon Harris at the Dakota
. December 18, Peterson Family Holiday Show at the Dakota 
. December 22-26, The Bad Plus at the Dakota 
. December 30, Pat Mallinger Quartet at Vieux Carré
. January 29, Tuck and Patti at the Dakota
. January 29, Twin Cities Winter Jazz Festival, Saint Paul Hotel
. February 16, Maria Schneider Orchestra at O'Shaughnessy
. February 24, Marcus Gilmore Quartet at Walker West Music Academy
. February 25, Julian Lage Trio at Hopkins Center for the Arts
. April 5-6, Stacy Kent at the Dakota
. April 8, JazzMN Orchestra with Maria Schneider, Hopkins High School Auditorium
. April 25, Bill Frisell Quartet at Hopkins Center for the Arts
. May 12, Steve Coleman Five Elements, Walker Art Center
. May 19, Ambrose Akinmisure Quintet at Walker West Music Academy

Babatunde Lea at the Black Dog, October 15